RgCON Services is a pioneering organization that exudes excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing, and other services, most desirable and favorable to many clients in India and Abroad. RgCON was incepted in 1994, as a small firm by our founder Late Sri. R. Giridhar; who was a stellar student, a University Rank Holder in Mechanical Engineering from NIT-Warangal (erstwhile REC-Warangal) and shone later as a bright star professionally too at every single place he worked which included extremely reputed business houses comprising FACOR, Tashi Group, Nava-Bharat Group, GMR Group. RgCON started off with humble beginnings – major problem-solving, trouble-shooting assignments for old plants. Within no time, thanks to our Clients’ confidence in RgCON consistently delivering beyond expectations; RgCON has developed into a respected, trusted, reliable, and consistently performing organization. RgCON is proud to house the most incredible group of people; a team that boasts years of hard work, dedication, honesty, and humility; be it employees, consultants, exclusive contractors, and manufacturing partners. RgCON is the largest contributor to SAF Projects in India. Apart from India, we successfully completed assignments abroad in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Zambia. Our portfolio includes everything from Design, Concept to Commissioning, and post-commissioning O & M activities, tailored to the Client’s preferences. RgCON is committed to delivering a fantastic user experience through our matchless design, engineering, and quality. We always thirst to build a long-lasting relationship with everyone we work with.

RgCON is extremely zealously looking forward to work on more & more challenging projects, climates with sophisticated targets to beat. RgCON has its focus set of expanding, diversifying and growing into the place for solutions and is enroute to realizing the dreams and the vision we set out with.


  • 25 years of hard, diligent, honest and dedicated working experience.
  • 150 successfully commissioned furnaces and counting.
  • 1200MVA furnace rating installations in India and 5 other different countries.
  • 100% SUCCESS rate. ZERO Missed Targets.
  • 100% furnace rated capacity.
  • Best actual performance track record till date on 9,12,16.5,18,22.5 MVA.
  • Easiest Maintenance on Equipment Designed and Supplied.
  • Highest Productivity in every class.
  • Lowest Inventory over decades.
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RgCON believes any business must have a philosophy and such philosophy must become the brand identity. RgCON follows this principle and shaped its vision & mission into simple WHY, HOW & WHAT aspects of the business. 


Passion for creating a genuinely great end-user experience that commands happiness, peace of mind and loyalty.


Through Designs, Engineering, Goods & Other Services designed explicitly with the WHY in mind for the benefit of the end-users.


By creating single-point, custom-made, tailored, under-one-umbrella, solutions; we strive to offer to relieve our Clients of the burdens of designing, engineering, supplying and executing the project with the WHY & HOW in our minds and hearts; so that they may have a unified, integrated and wholesome approach to their brainchildren.

RgCON offers the best to our Clients and will continue to do so in order to build a truly sustainable and performing business. RgCON strives to keep evolving into a loved and respected organization wherever we work.