RgCON Specializes in furnaces and through inhouse competence and collaborations with renowned design & engineering companies, has the capability to cater to specific and challenging requirements of Clients and perform beyond expectations in various product lines as below. In every product line, for which there is a specific process-know-how and design basis involved, RgCON carefully analyzes and selects the apt technology combination best suited to Clients’ requirements taking the technical, economic, feasibility and operational aspects of the project into account. RgCON is in constant search for next-generation technologies that help reduce the OPEX in the long run and provide a tangible benefit for the Clients who choose to repose confidence and trust in us. RgCON strives to develop new designs in types listed below and make them techno-economically competitive for our Clients with ambitious targets under development. RgCON is constantly working together with competent professionals to continuallyinnovate, implement and improvise. RgCON strongly believes in the 3Ps. Patience. Perseverance. Persistence. We employ such passion in utilizing all talents at our disposal and seek feedback from professionals operating our furnaces in the field and make their practical and valuable suggestions a part of our improvements to the ultimate benefit of our Clients.
RgCON's design capabilities, own technologies together with the technologies available with collaborating companies are listed briefly here below:


  • Basic System
  • AC Based Rectangular (3 or 6 Electrodes) *
  • AC Based Circular
  • DC Based Circular (1 or 2 Electrodes) *
  • Process Type
  • Open Design
  • Semi-Closed design
  • Closed Design*
  • Furnace Roof Types
  • Water Cooled multi-sectional roofs
  • Water Cooled roof (spray-cooled) *
  • Suspended brick roof/cast roof*
  • Flat/Arched* shape
  • Charging Systems
  • Hot*/Cold charging
  • Hollow electrode charging (HES) system*
  • Liquid Charging (launder system) *
  • Choke / batch feeding principle
  • Automatic/manual feeding
  • Furnace Shell Types
  • Flat/dished bottom
  • Cylindrical/conical*
  • Stationery/Rotary*
  • Changeable*/Tiltable*
  • Various side-wall cooling system
  • Pre-baked (Graphite/Carbon)/Self-Baking/Composite
  • Self-baking electrodes
  • Extrusion electrodes*
  • Hollow electrode system for pre-baked or self-baking electrode*
  • Suspended/Supported Electrodes Column
  • Pre-baked electrodes
  • Composite Electrodes*
  • Furnace Controllers
  • Current based controller
  • Resistance based controller*
(*) RgCON can offer technology in collaboration with partner companies.